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Fidesz cuts plans for internet tax to HUF 700 a month

Hungary’s governing party Fidesz is modifying its internet tax proposal, saying the tax would be no more than HUF 700 per user per month, Hungarian online daily reported today. Fidesz reportedly said the mass demonstration on the streets yesterday would not force the government to abandon an internet tax, but this plan is cheaper than the first proposal.

National Economy Minister Mihály Varga announced almost a week ago that the Hungarian government is introducing a tax on internet traffic as of 2015, a plan that drew immediate fire from both national and international sources.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators hit the streets yesterday and marched to show their disapproval of the tax in progress, telling the government to abandon the idea of internet tax in 48 hours, or masses would flock the streets again for demonstrations.

The leadership responded with this latest announcement and maintained that the extra HUF 700 tax would be paid by the internet service providers, not the users. Antal Rogán, faction leader of Fidesz, said that, if ISPs decided to transfer the costs to users, they would face “serious consequences”.

According to their statement, Fidesz was surprised to see the “vandalism” on the streets from last night's demonstration, as they have always been “patient and friendly” towards criticism.