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Buses take refugees west in deal with Austria and Germany

Thousands of refugees left the impromptu encampment in front of Keleti train station after the government sent 40 buses to take them to the Austrian border early this morning. Austria and Germany facilitated the exodus by agreeing to take the refugees, but more are arriving, and a group of several hundred set out on foot from Keleti to Vienna just before noon today.

A second group walking from Keleti to Vienna crosses the Elisabeth Bridge in Budapest today. (Photo: MTI/Zsolt Szigetváry)

Werner Fasching, deputy chief of Burgenland State Police in Austria, said roughly 4,000 migrants crossed the border into his country by early this morning, and an additional 6,000 or so who are still in Hungary are expected to come over, according to CNN.

The nearly 1,000 refugees who began walking from Keleti to Vienna yesterday were met by buses as they marched along the M1 highway, but other groups of refugees were said to be still walking to the border as officials sought to obtain more empty buses.

The agreement by German and Austrian officials temporarily lightens the burden of the Hungarian government, which has apparently been unable to find an appropriate, consistent response to the presence of the refugees. Hundreds of refugees are still entering the country every day, according to estimates, and it was not clear for how long Austria and Germany will continue to take the refugees.

The refugees who were bused to the border were greeted in Nicklesdorf, Austria and were given the opportunity to register for asylum in Austria or move on to Germany, according to reports.