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Tungsram donates lamps to Transylvanian childrenʼs homes

Marking the International Day of Light, Tungsram has donated 12,000 lamps to Franciscan monk Csaba Böjteʼs Transylvanian childrenʼs homes, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Éva Nagyfalusi and Viktor Bánhidi at the Săcueni (Székelyhíd) childrenʼs home.

The donation was handed over by the director of the Tungsram factory in Hajdúböszörmény, Viktor Bánhidi and Szilvia Tokaji at the town of Săcueni  (known as Székelyhíd to Hungarians), near the Hungarian border.

The lamps were received by Éva Nagyfalusi, head of the Săcueni home, which is un by the St. Francis of Déva Foundation established by Böjte. According to Nagyfalusi, all 83 institutions of the foundation, including homes, daycare centers and schools, will receive lamps. The institutions currently assist in the upbringing of around 1,900 children.

"As we have many institutions, the maintenance costs are high," Nagyfalusi said. "However, the modern, energy efficient lamps will allow us to considerably shrink our electricity bill."

Jörg Bauer, Tungsram Groupʼs president-CEO noted: "Our donation also channels the International Day of Lightʼs main message: how important light is in our lives. Via our donation, we bring light to the needy."

Largest Lightsource

Some 60% of the total donation are LED lamps from the Tungsram factory in Nagykanizsa, which is responsible for all the firmʼs LED production in Hungary. The unit, which has been operating for more than 50 years, currently employs nearly 2,000 people, and is considered to be the largest light source factory in Europe.

 “We are very proud that the decisive part of the donation came from the Nagykanizsa factory," said Miklós Herman, the plantʼs director.

This is the second time Tungsram has donated lamps to Böjteʼs foundation. The idea originates from ex-Tungsram employee Gábor Deák, who once took a donation of clothes and food to one of the foundationʼs institutions. Upon entering the building, he noticed that the lighting was poor.

"I immediately thought that a donation of lamps would be serious help to them," he said. The first smaller donation was delivered four years ago.