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Poor infrastructure causes Hungarian train delays

Hungarian train delays amounted to 1.8 million minutes last year, representing 3.5 years, online portal reports. In 40% of cases, delays were due to infrastructure faults.

Calculated with a fleet of 120,423 trains, this means that 11.55% of trains used for public transport have registered delays, of 15.2 minutes on average. notes that, according to the standards used by Hungarian State Railways (MÁV), trains with a delay of less than six minutes are not registered and are considered to be on time, which means that the delays were probably more than those communicated by MÁV.

The highest rates were registered on trains between Budapest and Szeged, and Budapest and Pécs.

UPDATE: In a statement sent later today to the Budapest Business Journal, MÁV commented on the information above, refuting several of the claims.