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OMSZ: Hurricane Dorian could head for Europe

Hurricane Dorian, the now weakening storm that battered the Bahamas and is affecting the southeastern coast of United States, may well turn east and could reach Europe, the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ) warns, reports.

Photo: Hurricane Dorian in the Caribbean Sea on its way to U.S. mainland in August 2019. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.

Should it reach the region of Iceland and the British Isles, it will reduce in strength to a typical temperate zone vortex. OMSZ says Nevertheless, Dorian will bring rain and some strong winds to northwestern Europe, and is also likely to drive breezy weather in to Hungary, says.

The slow-moving hurricane was the most powerful category five storm to hit the Bahamas since records began, bringing sustained winds of up to 298 km/h at its peak, along with storm surges and flooding, and with at least 23 people dead, says.