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Next EU budget cycle will contribute to carbon-neutral goals

The transition to a carbon-neutral economy can be supported by an independent operational program in Hungary in the 2021–2027 EU cycle, writes leading business daily Világgazdaság. 

In the 2021–2027 EU cycle, Hungary has HUF 51.85 trillion available at the HUF 350 euro exchange rate, of which EUR 35 billion, or HUF 12.25 tln, will be in the form of cohesion and structural resources known from previous development periods.

Based on a socially backed partnership agreement setting the framework for development for the next seven years, EU co-financed projects should also make a major contribution to achieving a carbon-neutral economy.

Therefore, according to domestic plans awaiting approval in Brussels, 19% of cohesion and structural funding will be available in the Green Infrastructure and Climate Action Operational Program (Zikop), which is a continuation of the Environment and Energy Efficiency Operational Program (Kehop) from 2014-2020.