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Hungarians spending more on lottery

This yearʼs revenues from the Hungarian lottery will be 5% higher year-on-year, at above HUF 145 billion, according to estimates by national lottery company Szerencsejáték Zrt.

The lottery accounts for a share of some 36% of the companyʼs revenues. The most popular game is 5/90, the so-called "ötöslottó"; almost one-third of all lottery games are sold in this category, Szerencsejáték told business daily Világgazdaság.

The increase in revenues is due to several record wins. The 6/45 lottery paid HUF 1.57 bln in the 16th week, while two weeks later the winner of the Joker game received HUF 387 million. Later the Skandináv or 7/36 paid out HUF 690 mln.

According to the statistics, lottery tickets are purchased at the beginning of each month, which is related to the salary payment period at most companies. The increased revenues this year are also connected to the rise in real wages and increasing prices of bets, said Szerencsejáték.