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Central Budapest closed down for bomb extraction

Earlier this week a World War 2-era bomb was found in the river Danube, between the Erzsébet and Lánchíd bridges in Budapest. The removal of the unexploded ordnance started Thursday morning and involved closing off several central areas of the city.

Photo is illustrative.

From 8 a.m., several areas were closed off in Districts I, V and XI and buildings temporarily evacuated. The end of the closures was not communicated; they would remain in effect as long as necessary.

The shutdown affected all areas near the bridges and on both sides of the river. In total, four buildings and the Rudas baths were evacuated on Döbrentei tér and along Várkert rakpart. Boat traffic was also suspended from 10 a.m.

The unexploded ordnance was located on the river bed some 50 meters from the Buda end of Erzsébet Bridge in the direction of Lánchíd, according to news website

A full list of closed streets and areas, including a map, is available on the police website.