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Veolia to upgrade newly acquired power plant

Two weeks after buying power plant operator Bakonyi Erőmű Zrt., French multinational Veolia has announced that it will make HUF 800 million in investments to improve environmental protection at the acquired power plant in Ajka, western Hungary. Reconstruction work is expected to start before March this year.

Veolia Magyarország Energia will launch the  developments at the power plant in Ajka in order to improve efficiency and eliminate the long-standing problem of soot and fly ash around the plant, CEO György Palkó said Tuesday, cited by national news agency MTI.

Veolia acquired Bakonyi Erőmű in December. The investment is due to start in the first quarter of this year. The plant is mainly fueled with biomass, but also burns coal. Veolia has said that it wants to reduce the amount of coal used by the plant.

Bakonyi Erőmű generated revenue of HUF 13 billion in 2016, public records show. The plant has 285 people on its payroll, making it one of the biggest employers in Ajka.

Veolia previously bought and upgraded Central Europeʼs biggest biomass-fueled power plant, in Pécs (southwest Hungary), in 2007. It acquired another biomass-fueled plant in Szakoly (NE Hungary) in 2016.