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Tesco to lose tobacco stores

However British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer Tesco is doing everything to save as many tobacco stores as it can, it might lose the 2/3 of its tobacco stores as, from May 30, these stores are banned from great complexes.

New rules and regulations prohibit stores and gas stations bigger than 2,500 square meters to host tobacco shops from May 30. These regulations involve 86 tobacco stores of 113 located in Tescos of Hungary. Hungarian Oil and Gas Public Limited Company MOL gas stations and French international retail group and multinational corporation Auchan stores are also in concern.

National Tobacco Commercial Nonprofit Ltd. (ND) justified the decision by claiming that tobacco stores operating at gas stations and plazas are making much greater profit than tobacco stores elsewhere. 200 tobacco stores of 6300 are making 17% of all profit according to statistics.