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NAV invests HUF 4.3 bln to prepare more PIT returns

Hungaryʼs National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) has spent HUF 4.3 billion on the hardware and software necessary to prepare more Hungariansʼ personal income tax (PIT) returns, but it expects to recoup the investment in no more than two years on the cost of paper alone, NAV chief András Tállai said on Thursday.

Under legislation approved by lawmakers last year, NAV is preparing the PIT returns this year of all Hungarians whose employers submit tax data for them. NAV will not prepare the returns of self-employed taxpayers or private individuals subject to VAT. 

Taxpayers who have income in addition to their salary, such as capital gains, must supplement the data on their tax returns.

Taxpayers will have more than two months to review their returns for errors before the filing deadline on May 22. If they are satisfied with the returns and take no action, NAV will accept the document as filed.

Taxpayers who have not already registered for online state administration services may request a printed copy of the tax returns by text message, letter, phone or in person by midnight on Thursday. Afterwards, printed copies of returns may be requested in person at tax offices until the filing deadline.

Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga said NAV plans to prepare 3.8 million PIT returns this year. About 2.5 million of the taxpayers filing are registered for online state administration services, he added.