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NAK: Food industry will ensure continuous supply

Hungary is an agricultural economy, and a serious exporter self-sufficient enough to provide for 120% of its basic food, so it will be able to continuously provide food to the population, the National Chamber of Agriculture (NAK) said yesterday, according to

Hungarian Gray Cattle, a unique source of prized beef. Photo by kardosildistock/

According to the chamber’s announcement, the food industry is the third largest manufacturing sector in the country, with 5,400 active food companies directly employing about 100,000 people, processing 65% of the raw materials produced by Hungarian agriculture into quality food.

The most important export products of Hungary are cereals, feed, meat and meat products. NAK emphasized that supplying the internal market is always the primary consideration in Hungary’s food production, and only afterwards is the surplus exported.

In the domestic retail trade, about three-quarters of the foodstuffs on the shelves of stores have been Hungarian goods for many years, adds.