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More than 15,000 hectares damaged by spring frost

More than 15,000 hectares of damage was caused to plantations by nationwide spring frost, writes agricultural portal

Illustrative photo only: Wheat covered with hoarfrost. Photo by Malshak /

In the last week of March and the first days of April, the nationwide frost caused damage mainly in horticultural crops, especially fruit growing.

The first frost caused damage mostly to the early varieties, apricots and peaches; about half of the 2,675 damaged plots are apricot plantations with 70-100% flower damage.

Although frost damage varies from species to species and from region to region, the freezing temperatures experienced in the first days of April have already resulted in significant flower damage for virtually all fruit species.

Experts have found a 90-100% drop in yield in about 15% of the areas surveyed, meaning no harvest is expected on these plots this year, the agriculture website notes.