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KSH: Hungary’s farm gate prices up 5.5%

Hungary’s agricultural producer prices increased by 5.5% in November in year-on-year terms, the increase being consistent with a 13.7% rise in the price of crop products, while the price of live animals and animal products continued to decrease, by 6.4%, Hungary’s Central Statistical Office (KSH) said today.

In year-on-year terms, the price of every group of crops with high priority rose: That of fresh vegetables to the lowest (7.2%) and the price of fruit to the highest extent (26%), KSH said in a report published today. Cereal prices were up 11%, which was primarily due to a 21% increase in the price of corn, while the price of wheat was cut by 1.4%, according to data published by KSH.

The producer price of live animals was down 2.5% in November compared to the same month a year earlier and the price of animal products dipped 14%.

In the period of January-November, agricultural producer prices were cut by 0.2%, within which the price of crop products rose by 5.5% and the price of live animals and animal products were reduced by 8.6%, KSH said.

According to data published by KSH, the price of pigs for slaughter fell by 11% and the producer price of milk by 21% in the period.