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Hungarians outdo Romanians, Poles in summer holidays, Wizz Tours says

Hungarians deem summer holidays more important compared to Romanians and Poles, booking their holidays one week earlier than last year and appearing to spend more per capita than their regional peers, according to the results of a survey sent to the Budapest Business Journal by Wizz Tours.

Online travel service provider Wizz Tours, launched by Hungarian low-cost airline Wizz Air, compared thousands of online bookings by Hungarians, Poles and Romanians in its system, registered by June 30.

A year ago Hungarians, on average, booked their holidays 44 days prior to traveling, which by this year has been extended to 52 days before departure.

“The figures could drop by the end of the summer season due to last-minute bookings, but the trend is still expected to linger on by the end of the year,” said István Csanálosi, CEO of Wizz Tours.

Hungarians outperform their Romanian and Polish peers in terms of favoring summer holidays, with the annual sample of Wizz Tours showing that while 60% of total bookings by Hungarians were registered for summer trips, in Poland the figure was 45% and in Romania 44%.

“Although the summer season is the main season for traveling everywhere, this is especially true for Hungarians, which means that the ratio of the sightseeing type of travel is low here,” the CEO added.

As far as per capita expenditure is concerned, Hungarians lead the way once again with more than EUR 400 spent by each person on summer holidays. Romanians spend EUR 330 on average and Poles spend EUR 300, according to data collected by Wizz Tours.