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Hungarian securitiesʼ market value falls in May, says MNB

The amount of outstanding equity and debt securities issued by Hungarian residents was HUF 43.145 trillion at market value at the end of May, down HUF 105 billion compared to the end of April, the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) said on Monday.

The stock of debt securities fell by HUF 158 bln to HUF 30.353 tln. Transactions reduced the stock by HUF 15 bln and price changes increased it by HUF 91 bln. Foreign exchange rate changes decreased the stock by HUF 234 bln.

The stock of equity securities, investment fund shares and quoted shares, meanwhile, was up HUF 53 bln at HUF 12.792 tln. Price changes increased the stock by HUF 26 bln and transactions by HUF 37 bln, while FX rate changes reduced it by HUF 11 bln.

Residents held HUF 27.819 tln, or 64.5% of all Hungarian securities at the end of May, while non-residents held HUF 15.326 tln, or 35.5% of the total.

The stock of securities held by domestic financial corporations was up HUF 97 bln at HUF 15.599 tln. Householdsʼ stock rose by HUF 71 bln to HUF 9.321 tln, and central government stock by HUF 6 bln to HUF 1.463 tln.