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Hungarian doctors urge reforms to healthcare system

Some 781 Hungarian doctors signed an open letter sent to Minister of Human Capacities Zoltán Balog regarding the “critical condition” of Hungarian health care and calling for adequate pay to replace unofficial system of gratuities from patients, Hungarian online daily reported today.

In the letter, the doctors argue that reforms are needed to change Hungarian health care from the ground up, otherwise the “secure treatment of patients” can no longer be maintained.

Issues raised by the doctors include the abolition of so-called “gratuities”, an illegal system of tipping doctors for improved services; the establishment of a professional round-table involving players in the Hungarian healthcare sector; and a request for information on how the ministry will address the renumeration of healthcare workers.

The doctors also called on Hungarian citizens to send questions included in the letter to the ministry’s central e-mail address at, noted.

The letter published today is a follow up to another letter covering similar topics, sent to the ministry in December, signed by 64 doctors at the time.