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Fraction of Hungarians admit to being paid under the table

About 4% of Hungarians have admitted to carrying out undeclared paid activities in the past 12 months, state news wire MTI reports, citing a Eurobarometer survey conducted late last year.


The rate is level with the average rate for the European Union, excluding the United Kingdom, as well as the rate in the Czech Republic. But the rate is over those in Poland (1%) and Slovakia (3%).

About 15% of Hungarians said they had paid for goods or services in the past 12 months where they had good reason to assume that they included undeclared work because there was no invoice or receipt. That rate was over the 11% average for the EU as a whole, excluding the UK, and just under the rate in the Czech Republic (16%). The rate in Hungary was over those in Poland (5%) and Slovakia (12%).

About 58% of Hungarians said they bought undeclared goods or services because they were cheaper, and 45% because they enjoyed faster service. Just 12% said they bought such goods and services as a favor for friends, relatives or colleagues.

The survey data was released to coincide with the launch of a European Commission campaign to "transform undeclared into declared work".