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Farmgate prices up 7.3% in October

Agricultural producer prices were 7.3% higher in October 2017 than in the corresponding month of the previous year, which was made up of an increase of 8.0% in the prices of crop products and a 6.2% rise in prices of live animals and animal products, according to a first release of monthly data from the Central Statistical Office (KSH).

In October 2017 compared to October 2016, cereal prices were 9.8% higher, within which the price of wheat rose 11%, that of maize was up 9.6%, and the price of barley increased 5.5%.

Prices of fruit rose by 32% year-on-year in October, within which the price of apples for processing rose an outstanding 174%, and the price of grapes by 3.0%. Vegetable prices rose 10.2%, while the price of potatoes fell 11.3%.

The producer price level of live animals rose by 1.5%, and that of animal products by 18% in October. The price of poultry for slaughter increased by 3.0%, while that of pigs for slaughter declined by 2.3%.

Milk prices were up by 25% and the price of eggs by 4.4%. The procurement price of milk was most recently as high as it is now (HUF 102/liter) in October 2014.

4.5% rise in first ten months

In January–October 2017 compared to the equivalent period of the previous year, agricultural producer prices went up by 4.5%. Within this, the price of crop products rose by 1.1% and that of live animals and animal products by 10%.

Fruit prices were up 17.0%, while vegetable prices were up by 0.2% in total over the first ten months. The price of tomatoes increased by 5.2%, while that of carrots fell by 11% and onions by 4.0%. Potato prices fell by 9.8%.

The price of pigs for slaughter went up by 15%, and milk prices by 26% in January–October.

Agricultural producer prices for November 2017 will be published by the KSH on January 15, 2018.