ABB hopes that the machine will be used to help improve educational activities with regards to laboratory measurements and exercises for students currently studying in the Automation Institute at the faculty of Electrical Engineering of Óbuda University. The device will allow students to learn the basics of how to operate such a complex machine, and to monitor its behavior, as well as follow electrical parameters in real time.  

“Óbuda University is a key educational institution in our field with regards to further development, and with whom we have established a close-knit relationship for years now. We recently announced a scholarship program available to female students at the university,” says Tanja Vainio, Managing Director of ABB Ltd.

ABB’s main objective is to employ modern technologies to increase the rate of efficiency within utility services, industrial and transportation services, as well as the infrastructure management sector, while minimizing the environmental impact of industry, the company said. ABB currently operates in roughly 100 countries around the world, employing an estimated 135,000 people.