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BNP Paribas labor market stability index rises

The labor market stability index of insurer BNP Paribas Cardif and survey institute Medián, measuring how secure employees feel about their workplace and job prospects, stood at 66 points by the end of H1 2017, up 6 points compared to the same time last year, the organizations were cited by state news wire MTI as saying Thursday.

The survey showed that men were somewhat less optimistic than women, with 65% of men and 71% of women saying their jobs would still exist five years from now.

Based on educational qualifications, workers with university degrees were the most optimistic, reaching 69 points out of 100, followed by high school graduates with 66 points. The stability index among skilled workers stood at 65 points.

A geographical breakdown shows only minor differences as people living in the capital or in villages equally showed 67 points on the index, while those living in other towns and cities scored 66 points. The labor market stability index was higher in all three categories compared to the summer of 2016.

A sectoral breakdown also shows similar levels of confidence across the economy as the index stood at 66 points for employees in administration, the industrial sector and agriculture, with only employees in the retail sector feeling slightly more confident with a score of 67 points.