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160,000 tonnes of watermelons expected

This year, 160,000 tonnes of watermelons will be grown in Hungary, which is 10,000 tonnes less than last year, but the production area has decreased by a larger proportion, about 20%, said Deputy State Secretary Tamás Tarpataki, responsible for the agricultural market at the Ministry of Agriculture, writes 

The production area decreased from 5,000 hectares last year to 4,000 hectares this year.

The fact that the amount of watermelons decreased by only 10,000 tonnes in spite of this 20% reduction in production area is due to good variety selection and good agricultural technology, Tarpataki said, adding that there are more low-seed melons, and hybrid species.

The crop is of good quality, and about 60% of the 160,000 tonnes will be exported, mainly to Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.