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Hévíz reopens to visitors

Europeʼs largest thermal lake, in Hévíz (about 161 km southwest of Budapest), drew several hundred visitors at the weekend after re-opening following a lockdown, the cityʼs mayor said, according to a report by state news wire MTI.

Mayor Gábor Papp said almost all of the visitors were Hungarians. He noted that the outdoor area of the lake is open to 750 visitors at a time, but the covered structure on the lakeʼs surface remains closed, for now.

Spas in Hungary were shut down in March as part of curfew measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The government allowed ones outside of the capital and Pest County to reopen a week earlier.

Last year, Hévíz registered more than 1.2 million guest nights at commercial accommodations. Foreign visitors - in large part Germans and Russians - accounted for almost 60% of turnover.

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