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Expired travel documents will be accepted after end of emergency

Looking to the future, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, has said local and interurban transport operators will be accept expired official travel documents allowing discounts up to 15 days after they expire on March 31.

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The announcement states that the ITM has requested operators accept expiring certificates and vouchers entitling holders to public service travel discounts, so that "Travelers with Disabilities" and "Travel Vouchers" for employees under the age of 65 may continue to be used after they expire.

Students will be able to continue to benefit from discounted travels with the student ID from the first semester of 2019/2020 or a printed electronic student certificate even after March 31.

The ministry stressed that the measure is not intended to facilitate traveling during an emergency state, but to allow those affected to benefit from a discount after the end of the pandemic measures until a new document can be received .

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