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Wyser enters Hungarian market

Wyser, an international company within Gi Group, specializing in recruiting and selecting specialized middle and senior management, announced its entry to the Hungarian market, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Dániel Rónai

"Wyser chose Hungary, as we believe that while the dynamic economic growth could persist in the future, enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition, meaning that they will need well-performing managers more than before," says Dániel Rónai, executive director Hungary at Wyser.

About two years ago, Wyser made a significant step towards acquiring Grafton Recruitment.

Wyser estimates the size of the middle and senior management market at 45,000-50,000 people in Hungary. However, the company says that the number may increase in the next few years. In Hungary, companies have announced large-scale investments worth more than HUF 2 trillion in recent years, which require not only the necessary specialists to fulfill their functions, but also key middle and senior managers, the press release says.

The company focuses on business leaders who are not yet the targets of executive headhunts, but are well above the specialist level, meaning that their selection requires more time and a different kind of methodology. 

"We target middle and senior managers who prove to be accomplished professionals not only based on the impressions they make during interviews, but also have credible references. These are the people we consider top executives," Rónai added.

The company will also appear in the domestic market as an advisory company. Wyser says that in addition to HR consulting, integrating managers is also a priority for the company, as determines how quickly a new leader can create real value in an organization.

As a result of digitalization and robotization, the labor market is currently undergoing a major transformation in Hungary. The company argues that businesses where the management is able and willing to adapt to rapid changes and digitalization are the ones that have the potential to remain strong in the Hungarian market in the coming years.