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Video library software developed in Hungary now available

Microstocksolutions LLC has announced the roll out of both its VRmeta video library software and Android mobile app designed for Central European media and corporate video professionals. In a nutshell, the software is a library for companies to store their video and easily find and share it.

The company says VRmeta, which was 100% designed and created in Budapest, is designed as the worldʼs first video metadata hub: a cloud-based video management platform where users apply context to content and in return ensure video discoverability and what it calls “content immortality.”  

Whether the goal is to create unmatched discoverability for an entire video library, leverage metrics from all that content or license clips to increase their inbound revenue, VRmeta can make it happen. 

The VRmeta mobile app for Android, available on Google Play, now takes advantage of any mobile device’s touch screen for an immersive, automated, on-the-go experience that allows every user to access their library of video from anywhere. 

“VRmeta is a must have for any company with a growing video library,” Mark Milstein, the founder of Microstocksolutions LLC and inventor of VRmeta, told the Budapest Business Journal.   

“Central European corporations, both big and small, are on the cutting edge of social media engagement and use video to tell their stories. VRmeta offers them a way to organize, share and guarantee discoverability of their videos. It gives them a secure space to host their video, and the power of Amazon AI and speech-to-text that our clients love,” he adds 

He says VRmeta can help in a wide range of scenarios, for a TV station, post-production house or the marketing department of a company where video plays a central role in their story telling. 

Microstocksolutions describes itself as the leading provider of support services for the visual media industry, and says it has served “a who’s who in media, the Fortune 500 and beyond” for the past decade.  

Microstocksolutions is offering BBJ readers a special bonus: Register online now at and use the promo code BBJ2020 to get a VRmeta trial for 30 days at zero cost.