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Report: Airbnb listings up to 8,000 in Hungary

Online accommodation rental site Airbnb has already reached 8,000 home listings in Hungary, with some 3,500 of these located in Budapest, Hungarian daily Népszabadság reported today.

Another large portion of homes listed on the site are from the Lake Balaton region, the paper added.

Rates for Airbnb rooms are about 30% cheaper than those for comparable conventional commercial accommodations.

Klára Morvay Karakas, of the catering and tourism faculty at the Budapest Business School, told the paper.

Airbnb has an estimated annual growth of 70% in Hungary, Patrick Robinson, a spokesman for Airbnb in this part of the world, said earlier to the Budapest Business Journal

Airbnb "cuts into the typical tourist type of travelers, who look up Airbnb and try to get a reasonable deal with someone who is willing to share their place,"  Henry Kallan, founder of the unique boutique Library Hotel in New York City and owner of three other NYC hotels, one hotel in Toronto and the Aria Hotel Prague and Budapest, earlier told the BBJ.