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Price of pork skyrockets

The price of pork has increased significantly in recent months and, according to the supermarket chains speaking to Magyar Nemzet, the effect of the increase in prices is already visible on demand.

Attila Fodor, CBA’s director of communications, said suppliers had raised pork meat prices by an average of 25-30 % over the past year.

Although shoppers typically experience a slightly more modest price increase in the store’s meat counters, demand has fallen. He added that in many places, the chain’s stores are selling 20% less pork.

Márk Maczelka, communications manager for Spar Hungary, reported similar trends. Aldi’s press department also reported rising prices, but the discount chain saw no year-on-year decline in sales.

According to Abigél Adorján, communications manager for Auchan Hungary, the demand for pork is determined by several components. Year by year, there is less cooking at home, so the proportion of home-cooked meat is also decreasing.

Magyar Nemzet writes that the rise in pork prices was not a domestic phenomenon, and that the outbreaks of African Swine Fever had caused prices to skyrocket throughout the European Union.

This is mainly due to the fact that hundreds of millions of pigs have been slaughtered in China due to the disease. Demand for Hungarian pork, and thus prices, is further boosted by the devastating disease in neighboring Romania; that country is forced to import more due to forced slaughter, the paper added.