She is a Romanian law-qualified lawyer highly specialized in corporate, M&A, labor, data protection, consumer protection, and environmental practices. She has extensive experience in top-ranked law firms, both international and local. Berea is a member of the Romanian Union of Lawyers and of the Romanian Bar Association since 2004 and has an online MBA Essentials certificate granted by the London School of Economics.

Gábor Kovács, BLS-CEE’s co-founding managing óartner, commented: “Having a strong team in Bucharest unlocks the potential for offering integrated business law solutions to clients for Hungary and Romania.”

Chen Chen

BLS-CEE’s Budapest team has also grown: Chen Chen decided to join forces with BLS-CEE with the goal of developing business law solutions tailored to the needs of Chinese investors in the region.

Chen is the collaborating partner of BLS-CEE with extensive knowledge in managing legal matters in respect of the European operation of the subsidiaries of Chinese Enterprises. She is specialized in corporate M&A, construction, real estate, dispute resolution, and arbitration.

She is fluent in English, Hungarian, and Chinese.

“Fleeing Big Law and sharing her time between Hungary and Switzerland, Chen was seeking for a legal community that enables her to thrive and take her professional career to a next level. We are very proud that she chose us,” Kovács commented.