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Number of ‘blinkee’ e-scooters triples in Budapest

There are more than 150 "blinkee" e-scooters in the capital, only a year after the environment-friendly scooter service started with only 50 vehicles last summer, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal. 

The e-scooter sharing service, supported by electric utility provider E.ON, works without ignition keys, utilizing a smartphone app. After introducing 30 new scooters in the fall, 70 new blinkees were put into service recently. Additionally, the zone where users may leave the vehicles after use has been expanded by 40%. The service now has more than 17,000 registered users in Budapest, with most in the 20-35 age range.

"Blinkee is very lovable, because it is environment-friendly and provides a great user experience, as it is quiet, fast, digital, and easily accessible," says Zsolt Jamniczky, a board member at E.ON Hungária Zrt. "We are open to every novelty that is connected to sustainability, and serves the future." He added that the company gives special priority to building e-vehicle charging stations, providing an e-car fleet, as well as services and products related to e-mobility.

The 100% electric blinkee scooters cut the capitalʼs air pollution, reduce noise, and make commuting around Budapest a lot easier in general, the press release notes. Users are free to ride the e-scooters all around Budapest, and can leave them anywhere in the determined zones. The system also provides a solution to parking problems.

"We are glad that our service is so popular, and an increasing number of people like blinkees," says Tamás Varsányi, CEO of Kft., the company behind the service. "Thanks to the current zone and fleet expansion, the available range of electric scooters in Budapest is increasing, and more people can use the services. With the blinkee scooters, we would like to spread this form of commuting that provides a great experience."