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MOL to launch car sharing service next year

National oil and gas company MOL will start a new car sharing service in Budapest from next year. Customers will be billed HUF 66 per minute and will not have dedicated parking spaces in the city, according to a report published by online news portal

The new service will start with an initial fleet of 300 Volkswagen Up cars, of which 100 will be electric, according to The fleet will be expanded by 100 every year and by 2021 all will be electric vehicles, the report adds.

Registration for the service will be online and initially free of charge, and the company will handle filling the cars with fuel or charging them with electric power, depending on the engine.

The service, dubbed MOL-Limo, will charge HUF 66 per minute, which is between half and three-quarters of West European prices for similar services, notes. There is also a fixed monthly membership fee of HUF 990.

Parking will remain the responsibility of the user, but at the cost of the service provider, the report adds.

By comparison, competitor Greengo has a registration fee of HUF 1,000+4,900 plus a monthly fixed fee of HUF 990 and HUF 65 per minute charge, reports.