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MNB warns against Facebook cryptocurrency scammers

The National Bank of Hungary (MNB) has issued a warning against scammers offering “pre-sales” of Facebook’s planned cryptocurrency Libra, says 

Image: Pixabay

A number of foreign internet portals (such as Uplibra, Calibra and Buylibracoins, among others) are suspected of being launched recently, the MNB warns, offering so-called "pre-sales" of a cryptocurrency for one of the world’s leading social media providers.

The central bank does not reference it by name, but the implication is that it is Libra. The color scheme and elements of the portals are very similar to Facebook and the official portal of Libra, however it cannot be ascertained that they are being used illegally.

These sites offer the cryptocurrency in advance at a discounted price, though it is not yet commercially available, and it is questionable whether it will ever be launched.

Buyers can store the "purchased" cryptocurrency in non-existent electronic wallets. According to the promise of cybercriminals, anyone who is newly recruited into the group is said to be getting free cryptocurrency.

Clients can access multiple clone portals with their social media information, which could put their data, photos and passwords into criminal hands, warns.