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Hungarian brand wins Red Dot Design Award

Young Hungarian brand Activé has taken home its first Red Dot Design Award with the packaging design of its FiberShake product, which was named the best among 8,697 products, according to a press release sent to the Budapest Business Journal.

Activé, launched only last October, has joined the group of Red Dot-winning brands such as Siemens, Apple, and Bulgari. FiberShake is a shake aimed at health-conscious consumers, made with natural sweeteners and, as the name implies, fiber.

"During the fast-paced weekdays, there is only very little time available for a nutritious breakfast, sadly," says Bálint Vadász, who came up with the idea of Activé. "By creating FiberShake, we are offering a quick, simple, and heavenly solution for this. While it can be done in a matter of a few seconds, there is development which lasted for years behind it."

"If I had to summarize Activé in one word, I would say UX [user experience]," says Dóra Melher, the designer of the packaging. "Our goal was creating packaging that channels the user-friendly approach of the online world to a physical product. Besides making a unified design, vibrant and lively colors, as well as classic iconography, all had a special role."