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Graphisoft Park proposes HUF 126/share dividend

The eponymous listed company that owns and operates the Graphisoft Park business park in the north of Budapest will propose a HUF 126 per-share dividend on last yearʼs earnings at its AGM on April 29, stock market news site reported Saturday.

Graphisoft Park recently converted into the local form of a real estate investment trust (REIT), and is required to pay 90% of profit to shareholders.

After the release of its fourth-quarter earnings report in February, Graphisoft Park said its board would propose a dividend of EUR 4 million, or around EUR 0.4 per share, on after-tax profit of EUR 4.452 mln. The proposed dividend is almost exactly EUR 0.4 per share, calculating with the National Bank of Hungary’s official daily fixing last Friday.