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Government may require blank cigarette packaging

The Hungarian government is drafting a bill that would require tobacco manufacturers to sell their products in plain packages, without logos or other brand identifiers, according to an announcement that the government published on its website, MTI reported Friday.

Under the bill, the exterior of the products would look the same, and manufacturers would not be able to promote their products on the packaging, according to MTI, the state news service. The bill also reportedly proposes restricting the selling of flavored tobacco, and it would mean that menthol flavored cigarettes would disappear from the market as of May 20, 2020.

The part of the bill regulating packaging could take effect on May 20, and would grant a year of grace period, to give cigarette companies time to change the look of their cigarette boxes.

Cabinet Chief János Lázár said at his regular press conference Thursday that the bill would also regulate the application of “health protection warnings” on the packages, which warn customers of the harmful effects of smoking.