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BP Szeged SSC headcount approaching 500

The headcount of BPʼs shared services facility in Szeged, southern Hungary, is closing in on the landmark number of 500, only one-and-a-half years after its opening, with possibly more to follow, according to a report on local news website

The SSC in Szeged

The SSC opened in September 2017, reaching 270 employees by the end of that year, according to Viktor Knezevics, who heads the center. Currently, about 460 people work at the center, but BP did not set a cap on the headcount, and may well hire additional people after reaching the 500 mark.

According to the report, BP feels justified in picking Szeged as the location for the SSC due to the cooperative nature of the municipality, the university, organizations, and companies in the city. Currently, the firm has an SSC course in cooperation with the economics department of the University of Szeged, attended by about 20-25 students.

Knezevics noted that a number of students picked the course not only because others expressed satisfaction with it, but because they are thinking in terms of getting a job at the center.