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BKIK makes recommendations for capitalʼs hard-hit tourism industry

The Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BKIK) has recommended measures Budapest can take to support the struggling tourism and catering industry in a letter sent to mayor Gergely Karácsony, according to a report by state news wire MTI.

Acknowledging the dependency of the cityʼs tourism and catering businesses on foreign visitors, BKIK urged support for travel packages that target Visegrád Group citizens - from the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia - who are exempt, with a negative COVID-19 test, from a general ban on entry by foreigners. 

The chamber also proposed reducing or discharging catering establishment rents at premises owned by the city, scrapping fees on outdoor seating, creating new outdoor seating areas by freeing up space normally used for parking, and supporting heating or other investments to make these areas usable in the winter. It recommended exempting guests at restaurants and bars from parking fees.

BKIK urged the city to support renovations of commercial accommodations and catering establishments that stand empty.

It proposed helping tourism and catering sector workers who are out of a job find positions in other sectors where labor is in short supply.

BKIK said it could help the capital set up a business homepage with up-to-date information that supports the operation of companies in the sector.