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Sziget Festival sees record attendance of 441,000

Hungary’s Sziget Festival saw a record number of approximately 441,000 visitors, or "Szitizens" as they are often referred to, arriving from 95 countries and being entertained by artists from some 50 countries, an announcement said today.

Following last year’s success, Sziget took the festivities one step further, setting new benchmarks both in terms of international diversity and visitor figures, the announcement says. Despite the recently extended daily capacity to 90,000, the festival had three sold-out days this year: Monday, Friday and Saturday.

"We worked hard to create a festival that has its own unique identity," said Károly Gerendai, Sziget’s main organizer. "Our aim in the long term is to ensure Sziget’s image becomes independent of its headliners, as we believe the most important features of the event are not necessarily playing on the big stages. To keep it simple: we try to give fans a good reasons to come to Sziget. We’re still trying hard to get good bands on our stages, but we also try to make sure that fans choose Sziget because we offer more: a huge adventure, a cultural holiday, an experience-packed week full of positive surprises."

The festival also welcomed its 7 millionth Szitizen, who was awarded a lifetime Sziget pass. Hungarians still make up the majority of Szitizens, but The Netherlands, U.K., France, Germany and Italy are also very well represented.