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Hungarian lunar Puli Rover to reach the moon

Budapest is hosting the summit of Google Lunar XPRIZE in which 18 teams are competing for valuable prizes. One of the competitors is a Hungarian team called the Puli Space Technologies.

Competition Google Lunar XPRIZE the largest international incentive based prize of all time aiming to perform safe landing of a private craft on the surface of the Moon. The competition aims to create a new “Apollo” moment for the recent generation with the help of $30 million in incentive based prizes. The money is won by the private company who lands safely on the surface of the Moon, travels 500 meters above, below, or on the Lunar surface, and sends back two “Mooncasts” to Earth for the first time.

Teams will also be granted with Bonus Prizes such as exploring lunar artifacts or surviving the lunar night, and could be awarded prize money earlier by completing terrestrial or in-space milestones. All of this must be completed by December 31, 2015.

Hungary is hosting the competition’s next summit in Budapest on June 4 and June 5. Only 18 teams remained of the 33 who had started the competition. Puli Space Technologies (PST), representing Hungary, is still in the race with it Puli Rover.

PST team members have been working on Puli Rover for more than four years, spending 40,000 working hours with building the rover. The prototypes of the rover have been successfully tested in the deserts of Morocco and on Hawaii.

Physicist Tibor Paher, the leader of Puli Space Technologies, said Hungary is hosting the summit because the competition organizers are taking the team seriously. He added that, depending on their financial situation, the finalized version of the rover consisting of special materials, enduring space environmental circumstances, could be built by the end of this year.