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Ruling party Fidesz further increases support

Four months after victory in the general election, Fidesz has managed to further increase its support. The opposition parties are stagnating, at best.

Ruling party Fidesz further increased its support among potential voters in August, according to a poll conducted by Závecz Research (ZRI), news site index.u reports. Since the elections in April, Fidesz has had a stable support of 33% among all voters, which went up slightly to 35% in August.

Right-wing opposition party Jobbik had lost support in the months after the elections, but now seems to have stabilised at 10%, the same as it recorded in July. The Socialist Party (MSZP) also held on to the support it had in July, at 6%. The left-wing Democratic Coalition (DK) weakened 1%, from 5 to 4%. The other parties (LMP, and Momentum) are below 5%.

Among committed voters, Fidesz stands at 56%, while Jobbik isat 14% and MSZP at 10%. DK now attracts 7% of electoral support, and LMP 5% of the committed voters, according to data gathered between August 10-18 by ZRI.