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Hungary’s fertility rate below EU average

The total fertility rate in Hungary was 1.54 live births per woman in 2017, slightly under the EU average of 1.59, according to recently published data by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union. 

Among 5.075 million births in the EU, 45% concerned a first child, 36% a second child, and 19% a third or subsequent child. On average, women who gave birth to their first child in 2017 were 29.1 years old, according to the statistics.

The highest total fertility rate was measured in France (1.9 births per woman), with the lowest in Malta (1.26 births per woman). The highest share of births of a first child to a teenage mother was recorded in Romania (13.9% of total births of first child in 2017) and Bulgaria (13.8%), ahead of Hungary (9.9%), Slovakia (9.5%), Latvia (6.7%), and the United Kingdom (6.1%).

Across the EU, the highest share of mothers giving birth to their fourth or subsequent children was recorded in Finland (10.3%), followed by Ireland (9%), the United Kingdom (8.8%), Slovakia (8.1%), and Belgium (8%).