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A third of young Hungarians seek fortunes abroad

Every third young Hungarian aged 15-29 plans to study or work abroad, according to the findings of the research study Hungarian Youth 2016 (Magyar Ifjúság 2016). Almost half are considering settling in another country, according to a summary by economic news portal

According to the government and EU-sponsored survey Hungarian Youth Research 2016, 33% of young Hungarians are planning to work abroad. Most of these, 83%, are considering spending several years away, while 45% are considering a request for residence in a foreign country. More than two-thirds, or 69%, wish to leave the country to make a better living, reports.

Regarding the challenges this generation faces, financial difficulties, insecurity and an unpredictable future were most often mentioned. Unemployment is not considered very worrisome, ranking only 6th among the seven most acute problems.

The research conducted each year shows that much more young people are working. While in 2012 their rate of employment was 40%, last year 54% had a job, most as employees and a small minority of 4% with their own business.

More than half of those questioned did not reveal the amount of their monthly income. As for those who did respond, 17% said they earn below HUF 30,000 per month, while only 10% said their income exceeds HUF 150,000.

The ideal salary for young Hungarians surveyed would be a HUF 238,795 monthly net salary. About 22% would accept a HUF 150,000 salary, while 17% target an amount above HUF 300,000, according to the report.