In the first half of this month, Ukraine imported more than 1 bln cubic meters of gas, of which 642 mln arrived from the EU and 400 mln from Russia, the official added. In January, Ukraine imported almost 1.1 bln cubic meters of natural gas from the EU, including 63.3 mln through Hungary.

After more than a three-month lull, Hungary resumed gas deliveries to Ukraine on January 10 this year. Hungarian transmission system operator FGSZ decided to suspend gas deliveries to Ukraine on September 25, 2014, citing a need to top up domestic reserves.

Deliveries became sporadic in early February, with daily volumes falling to 5,000 cubic meters from the previous more than 3 mln. FGSZ explained the development with falling demand. From February 5, deliveries increased to a daily 5 million cubic meters. Last year, Ukraine imported a total of 600 million cubic meters of gas from Hungary.