Revenues rose by 3% to HUF 43.84 bln in 2017, according to a summary by state news wire MTI. Domestic sales fell 6% to HUF 15.23 bln, but export sales were up 8% at HUF 28.61 bln.

Direct costs of sales rose faster than revenues, climbing 4% to HUF 34.58 bln, but general and administration costs fell 5% to HUF 6.48 bln, lifting operating profit 7% to HUF 2.15 bln.

Pre-tax profit increased by 3% to HUF 2.05 bln.

Raba had total assets of HUF 36.42 bln at the end of the year, up 9% from twelve months earlier. Long-term liabilities jumped 90% to HUF 4.62 bln.