The new tenant will move into the building in Inner Buda, operated and managed by ConvergenCE, in the spring of 2021.

The architectural and design company will build its nearly 400 sqm new headquarters according to its own plans on the seventh floor of the recently renovated building. The design follows the principles of “Activity Based Working”, separating the zones of focused work, loud brainstorming, processing, formal and informal consultations within the design workshop. There will be no dedicated desks, the nearly 30 employees will use the office in a desk-sharing system.

The workshop atmosphere is also reflected in the design, the use of natural materials and colors provide a restrained, neutral and calm background for the architectural work, the press release says. The new office aims to achieve LEED ID+C Gold certification, which affected a number of design decisions from material selection to lighting control.

 “It is an important milestone for us to move our headquarters from a flat office to an A-category office building after more than two decades,” MadiLancos Studio founding owner Krisztina Sárosdi-Mádi says. “ZenGarden is a professionally-managed, well-located, refurbished building where we can not only work in an inspiring environment, but also welcome our clients in a representative setting. The unique interior space designed by our creative team will be perfectly complemented by the wonderful panorama one can enjoy from here. Our decades-long acquaintance with the landlord and our productive working relationship guarantees a smooth and long-term cooperation.”

Dóra Papp-Vas, leasing director of ConvergenCE, adds, “From the very beginning, our companies have worked together many times on several buildings, so it is a special pleasure for us to welcome MadiLancos Studio among our tenants. This is a successful collaboration, as we have the same comprehensive approach to asset management as MadiLancos Studio has for office design services.”

“As their complex, holistic approach encompasses the whole span of the project from space planning to turnkey handover beyond the traditional role of an architect, we similarly integrate owner, landlord, property manager and project manager expertise for the best results. In both cases, the goal is to maximize customer service and satisfaction,” she notes.