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The authority advised stockpiling two weeks of food in the brochure posted online, but outlined recommendations for what to buy to avoid unnecessary waste.

It recommended storing, per adult, 2 kg of grain-based non-perishables, such as dried noodles or rice; 2 kg of meat products, such as deli meat, salami, canned meat or fish; 7 liters of UHT milk or the equivalent in dairy products, such as cheese; ten eggs; 8-10 kg of produce that stores well, such as apples, cabbage, potatoes and squash, or canned fruits and vegetables; half a liter of cooking oil or animal fat; one package of butter or margarine; and 0.15 kg of oilseeds.

Nébih recommended stockpiling food that “we like and are familiar with”.

The authority urged people with pets to store two weeks of food for their companions, too.