In October 2016 compared to October 2015, cereals prices fell by 12%, with the price of both main products in the group falling: the price of wheat by 15% and the price of maize by 11%.

The price of fruits decreased by 11%, and that of vegetables by 10%. Within the latter, potato prices were up by 3.1%.

The producer price level of live animals rose by 2.2%, and that of animal products by 3.6%.

The procurement price of milk, which has been rising since July, reaching HUF 79/liter in October, an increase of 1.4% compared to October 2015.

The price of pigs for slaughter was up by 11% over a year, but fell by HUF 25 per kilo compared to September, to HUF 390/kilo in October.

In January–October 2016 compared to the corresponding period of the previous year, agricultural producer prices decreased by 2.3%. Within this, prices of crop products fell by 2.4%, while those of live animals and animal products fell by 2.1%.

Vegetables prices were down 2.5% over the ten-month period, and fruits price by 3.2%.

The price of pigs for slaughter increased by 2.0% in the January-October period.

The rise in milk prices in the past few months could not compensate for their decrease at the beginning of the year, so that the price of milk fell by 9.2% in the first ten months of the year.