Interior Minister Sándor Pintér speaking today at Press conference in which he welcomed 50 Czech police officers who were sent here to patrol the borders and help handle the traffic of refugees. (Photo: MTI/ János Marjai)

Those asylum seekers who are returned from other countries to Hungary will be screened, according to officials, who implied that the returnees could be sent to Greece, or possibly prison.

“It must now be verified whether these people did in fact arrive in the EU country in question through Hungary and whether the person is an illegal migrant, an illegal border crosser or a refugee,” Interior Minister Sándor Pintér said during a press conference on Wednesday. According to amended immigration laws passed in September, Pintér said, those who have crossed a border illegally could face imprisonment, adding that Hungary has done a good job at protecting its borders and “illegal migrants” are now circumventing Hungary almost entirely.

Yesterday, Cabinet Chief János Lázár said at his weekly press conference that Western European countries had notified Hungary that they would return approximately 40,000 migrants to Hungary but that they should in fact be sent back to Greece. He said that Hungary will continue to offer asylum to refugees entering Hungary legally at official border crossings but that the country would under no circumstances accept “economic migrants”. Lázár expressed hope that the Hungarian parliament would soon approve a proposal to appeal EU quotas for the distribution of migrants within the EU. “What is happening in the EU is perfect impotence,” he said in reference to the EU summit on migration held last Sunday.