In touting Evopro’s workforce as having “deep expertise” in software development and automation solutions, Accenture senior managing director Eric Schaeffer stated that the “acquisition will strengthen our capabilities in the industrial software solutions market, where we see increased interest from our clients for software development and related IT services…

“It will also strengthen our mobility-based capabilities as we continue to build innovative connected solutions for clients across industries in which embedded software is a differentiating capability,” Schaeffer added.

After the acquisition of Germany-based PRION Group in October and its announcement to purchase Canada-based system integration specialist PCO Innovation that same month, Accenture is plugging the Evopro acquisition as the third in a series designed to “enhance its range of capabilities for manufacturing clients. These include organizing, developing and managing the processes needed for the entire lifecycle of new products and services, bringing them to market more quickly and efficiently.”

Accenture currently employs 275,000 in serving clients in over 120 countries and reported net revenues of $28.6 billion for the fiscal year ending in August 2013. Evopro group is a privately-held company with more than 1,000 employees.