The highest price rises over the last 12 months were measured for motor fuels as well as food. In one month, consumer prices increased by 1.1% on average, KSH notes.

Compared to Feburary 2021, a price increase of 11.3% was recorded for food, within which 25.8% for margarine, 25.0% for bread, 22.1% for pasta products, 19.2% for poultry meat, 17.9% for cheese, 17.8% for rolls, 17.6% for flour, 16.3% for butter, 15.5% for milk products, 3.8% for sugar, 2.5% for salami, sausages and ham and 1.3% for pork.

Motor fuel prices became 18.7% and the price of household repair and maintenance goods 19.2% higher. Alcoholic beverages and tobacco prices rose by 8.2% on average, within which tobacco prices by 9.9%.

Consumers paid 8.3% more for consumer durables, within which 16.2% more for kitchen and other furniture, 15.0% more for living and dining room furniture, 10% more for second-hand passenger cars, 8.6% more for television sets and 7.3% more for new passenger cars. 

Services charges were up by 5.5%, within which the repair and maintenance of dwellings cost 17.4% and the repair and maintenance of vehicles 12.2% more for consumers.

Consumer prices up 1.1% in January

Compared to January 2022, consumer prices increased by 1.1% on average. 

Food became 2.1%, within which bread 7%, pasta products as well as margarine 6.3%, other meat preparations 5.8%, seasonal food items (potatoes, fresh vegetables and fresh domestic and tropical fruits altogether) 5.5%, fruit and vegetable juice 4.4%, coffee 4.2% and rolls 4.0% more expensive.

Due to the food price maximization measures of the government, flour became 9.7%, edible oil 9.2%, sugar 6.7%, milk 3% and pork 0.4% cheaper. 

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco prices were up by 0.8%, within which the price of alcoholic beverages by 2.2%. Consumer durables became 0.9%, within which living and dining room furniture 2.3% and kitchen and other furniture 1.5% more expensive.

Consumers paid 0.7% more for services, within which the charges for the repair and maintenance of vehicles increased by 2.1% and those for the repair and maintenance of dwellings by 2%.